Experts predict the coldest winter in history.
Stay warm and save big on your electricity bill with this revolutionary invention
Its small enough to fit in your hand and plugs into any outlet while heating up any area of your home without increasing your energy bill

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Don't be caught shivering... Introducing the most effective heater ever created for your home. It plugs into any outlet and can provide radiating heat for an entire room without jacking up your energy bill.  Instead of turning on your entire homes heater, you can keep your bedroom, office, garage, closet, or even bathroom cozy by selecting your desired temperature with its digital screen.

How Does It Work?

It couldn't be simpler. Just plug in the Mini Heater into any outlet, select your desired temperature and start enjoying streaming heat from this tiny little heater. Its compact design makes it perfect for traveling, for your office, or move from room to room anytime you want without lugging a large heater around. It also features an intelligent timer that automatically shuts off when it reaches your desired temperature.
  • Digital Thermostat: Quickly heat your room to the temperature you prefer - and keep it there! Turns formerly drafty, unlivable spaces in warm cozy places again!
  • Just Plug It In & Go: Our personal heater is so simple to use. Just plug it in to any outlet, set the temperature your like and your room will warm up quickly!
  • Amazing Power: One personal heater can warm a room up to 250 sq. ft. Use two or more heaters for larger spaces and still save a bunch of money on heating bills!
  •  Safe & Effective - The outer housing stays cool to the touch so you will never get burned. The built-in digital temperature gauge is easy to read with big bold numbers and keeps your room exactly how you like it!
  •  Small And Compact Design - With our heater there is no need for wiring or batteries. Simply plug it in to any wall outlet. It's compact enough to travel too to warm those chilly hotel rooms!

Who Can Benefit?

 Anyone that wants to stay warm without increasing energy costs
Perfect for your bedroom, bathroom, basement, garage, dorm room, and more...
Great for traveling; stay warm in your hotel room
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